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Flick's story is one of triumph over adversity and hope for a bright future. He has a wonderful life now, but it has not always been so.


There was no celebration on Flick's first birthday. Instead, he was abandoned to a shelter. At that point in life, he was malnourished, severely underweight and homeless. To make matters worse, he had heartworms. Prospects for adoption were seemingly non existant and the countdown to euthanasia began.


Fortunately, with one hour remaining on the clock, Flick encountered someone from a wonderful animal rescue group. She saw his charm and fighting spirit. Despite the health challenges, she was committed to his rehabilitation. Flick seized the opportunity and started his quest for a better life.


On a Saturday afternoon soon thereafter, Flick found himself at a pet adoption event near Charlie's favorite Mexican restaurant. By chance, Charlie had a craving for Mexican food that day and happened to cross paths with Flick while there. Flick saw some potential in Charlie and decided to give him a shot. The rest is happy history!


Flick and Charlie hope more animals are rescued from dire circumstances. Talent Safari will make a financial donation to the animal rescue cause each time a placement fee is received.


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